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Interface for programming in Geez languages
Biniam Abraha
Answer by Biniam Abraha

Geezime tigrigna keyboard app works today almost in every Operating system. To come to your point it also can work in MAC OS. For further information please can you write directly to the developer of that Tigrigna App their email address is this "[email protected]".
I would like to show you how, but it would request you money around 20 dollar. Let me know if you satisfy by my answer. I am happy you want to use it, because it is easy to use.

Question by Han
September 24, 2015

Are there any risks involved regarding the passwords personal/financial info?

Stephen Prastman
Answer by Stephen Prastman

I don't recommend using it because users are concerned that it collects texts, credit card data, bank data, etc. Although it appears to be a safe application, basically it collects the data. Use other apps instead of this one. If you have concerns about it, report it to Google and then they will contact you back for further procedure.

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